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I’ve been thinking a lot about the (many) women Eliot dates/hooks up with.  Like, it’s always played up that he’s a Casanova and a charmer but every word out of his mouth about any woman he’s ever been with is respectful.  At one point Hardison goes on about Eliot being such a playboy and says something about stewardesses and Eliot is all “First of all, they’re flight attendants, they don’t like being called stewardesses.”  (The phrasing of this is stunning to me; to Eliot, all the information he needs to not call flight attendnts stewardesses is that they don’t like it touches me deeply)

And then there was that one Fashion Job where he rolls up in that damn fine fashion week getup (the eyeliner, dear god I will never be over Eliot with eyeliner and glasses with his hair pulled back BE STILL MY HEART) and when they look at him funny he’s just like “I dated a lot of models, okay?”

Eliot respects the women he dates, but more than that he learns from them.  He doesn’t regard their experiences as silly or frivolous and Eliot, the information sponge, a man with an absolutely astounding eye and memory for detail, does not regard their information as less valuable because it’s sometimes feminine.

As a woman who has had so many men feign interest in my hobbies to get into my pants, or who has had men focus on my looks with out giving a good goddamn what’s between my ears instead of my legs, Eliot “Hey you’re super pretty lets have sex and then I’ll make you dinner while you teach me about interior design” Spencer means so, so much to me.

The fact that Eliot was a tough-guy brawler with a Texlahoma accent and who respected the hell out of women was one of the most welcome things ever.  It would have been so easy for them to take his character in a different direction, given his accent and background, and they didn’t.  They gave him more credit than that.  And as someone FROM Oklahoma, I really appreciate that. 


You’ve already been given  a  n e w  l i f e .


Oh my god. This kitten is named LeVar Purrton.

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